Hugo Andricain & Sylvia Landry

Choreographer: Jade McCune

Hugo Andricain.jpg

Hugo Andricain

Hugo has lifelong connections to St. Thomas More.  He was baptized here, graduated in 1985 and currently has a niece (Sophia Landry) in 2nd grade (His dance partner's daughter).  Her sister Isabelle will be an Eagle soon.  Hugo and his wife Stacia have a dog named Sticker and 10 nieces and nephews.  He teaches Theology and is the Liturgy Director at St. Joseph's Academy.  This is his 9th year at SJA.  He has been a Cantor at St. Aloysius since 1992.  Hugo enjoys playing and singing music and has performed in a few shows with Theatre Baton Rouge.  His dance history mostly revolves around attending decades of dance recitals for his two sisters...mostly against his will.  He is fun loving and works hard to come up with "dad level" puns for his students on a daily basis.  He says, "I'm obviously STILL being dragged to dance stuff (against my will)." 

Sylvia Landry.jpg

Sylvia Landry

Sylvia is from the STM Class of 1994.  She is an alum, parishioner, and parent.  She is Hugo's sister.  Their mom is "Miss" Zoila who was a long time teacher at the preschool.  Sylvia's first job was working extended care though high school and college.  She says she "grew up at STM!"  Sylvia is married to Josh Landry who is the District Executive Director at the YMCA. They have two daughters.  Sophia is a spunky 2nd grader, and Isabelle will be starting preschool in the fall.  Sylvia is a mortgage underwriting for First Choice Loan Services.  She's been in the loan business for the last 12 years.  She grew  taking dance class and was a CHS Bruinette.  Since college all her dancing has taken place in their kitchen!  She and Josh are currently a year into their self inflicted #100moviesina100weeks challenge.  They host a viewing party every Sunday night!  Sylvia says, "Come join us!"  She is excited to dance with her big brother.  She admittedly says she is more excited for this type of sibling bonding than he is.... 

Jade McCune.jpg

Jade McCune

Jade attended Louisiana State University and graduated in business management in 2014.  She was on the LSU Tiger Girls dance team from 2011-2013.  Jade is currently the dance teacher at St. Joseph's Academy.  She has been with SJA for 4 years and has recently started a brand new competitive dance team, The Red Steppers.  Her family owns Machita Dance Company in West Baton Rouge.  She has been teaching there for 10 years.  Jade is married to Kurt McCune, and when she is not teaching dance, she is taking dance classes!  She is excited to be a part of Eagle Beat!